Europe – Amsterdam 2017

28.3.2017 – First stop of Europe Trip 2017, Amsterdam


Amsterdam is a city surrounded with Arts; it is also a city full of enthusiasm!

Sunny Amsterdam 

It was a sunny when I explored around the city, first place went to the famous Van Gogh Museum. Cameras and bags are not allowed in the museum, so after buying a ticket, you need to the clockwise and put everything out of you. You may want to rents a audio guide before you begin your adventure in the museum, costs you 5€. Go early as you can, because it will get crowded later.

It is a awesome museum if you likes Van Gogh’s type of art, however I will as well recommended this museum as it is famous and it is good display!

Floor Plans are printed in many languages, next to the clockwise counter.

The second thing I would truly recommended for exploring Amsterdam, is the ‘Tours & Tickets’. ‘Tours & Tickets’ is a flexible tour operator where you can find cheap tickets for excursions, tours, museums and attractions in and around Amsterdam. I pre-booked an offer from it’s website, where I could accesses to the Van Gogh Museum and also 24 hrs accessible city tourists buses and boats that run by the company.

They runs several lines to differences attraction in the city, which you could choose to hoops up and down in any stop provided, and normally each stop waiting time is 15 minutes.

On the ‘Tours and Tickets’ bus

The next two places to be recommend will be the Amsterdam Central and the Royal Palace Amsterdam. Both of these attractions are a good place to take a ‘tourist photo’, it could the most significant landscape of Amsterdam city!

One thing special about Amsterdam Central is, you could do some small shopping in the central, as well there is a piano sets in the central, where anyone who likes to play could play.

Central Amsterdam
Royal Palace Amsterdam

Overall, Amsterdam is a great to visit and to relax yourself from exhausting realities! So, please do visit to this amazing city if you feels so!



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