The Special Ice Cream – SCROLL

Summer is coming, ice-cream is going to be the best dessert to cool you down, today I am going to introduce some special but great ice-cream shop in Adelaide!

  1. Scroll -35 York Street Adelaide – Monday – Sunday 1Pm- 11Pm

Scroll Ice Cream is Australia’s first cold plate ice creamery. It was inspired by Thai street popular dessert where the staff pour a Vanilla based ice cream base and add extra flavour and fried it on the cold plate.

Scroll is not only a provide a special experiences on making process, they also provide you a great range of flavour.

Raspberry Sorbet – Credits to Scroll Facebook
Espresso Slam – Credits to Scroll Facebook
Say Cheese & Ferrero Rocher
Ferrero Rocher
Perfect Match & Ferrero Rocher – Credits to Scroll Facebook

The Ice Cream shop is being very consideration and had provided Vegan and Gluten Free Option.

CoCo Lovin – Vegan Option – Credits to Scroll Facebook

Scroll Ice Cream prepared the ice cream in a way I have never seen, and it is the complete ice cream experience, which is very amazing and I am kind of addicted to it.

The Ice cream is always made in fresh and special ingredients, and they are  using the finest local ingredients for each order and the ingredients often sourced directly from farmers and markets in Australia.

In addition, the ice cream is preservative and stabiliser free. And the cold plate machine reaches temperatures well below -20°C, which means they are able to create ice cream that produces smaller ice molecules to make it naturally smoother and creamier, completely eliminating the need to add in additional fat and emulsifiers to create the same rich, creamy texture we all love in ice cream.

It is a very great place to chill as well in the small corner that they provided board games so you could gather your friends or you could date your relations.



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