Introduction of Charlotte McDonal-Gibson’s post

Lonely Planet is a very unique travel site where there a lot of information provided, and today I am going to introduce blog written by Charlotte McDonald-Gibson, about the best dishes to get in Belgium.

In this post, the author introduce all the authentic Belgian food with a small description and it has all attached a match photo. He started with a small introduction about the Belgian Food and how has the historic went from then to now, and then starting to listing out the 10 best dishes in Belgium.

The 10 best in Belgium including –

  1. Moules
  2. Seafood Platter
  3. Carbonnade Flamande
  4. Congolese Moambe
  5. Lapin a la Kreik
  6. Frites
  7. Boulets
  8. Croquettes
  9. Waffle
  10. Chicory Gratin

I have very impressed with what he had introduce and looking forwards for his next post! Check his post out in the following link!

Belgium’s 10 best dishes – and where to eat them in Brussels Read more:



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