Introduction of Rebecca Milner’s post

I have a wish is to travel around the Asia before 40 years old, that’s why I always looking at the guide book of travelling Asia, and yea, Lonely Planet is the one I am always addicted in.

So, this post will be introducing a post from Rebecca Milner, which she is introducing the Korean style bath house (jimjilbang), and I am so tempting to go to Korea once again just for the jimjilbang,because I missed last time I went.

‘First time jjimjilbang’ is a post that provide you the information of getting through the jjimjilbang in Korea, so you would not got wrong or confused when you are in the situation. So, if you are a person who love Korea cultures, and is getting ready to travel to Korea, Rebecca’s post is a must post to you. Check it out!

First Time JjimJilbang: how to visit Korea Bath House






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