Amazing trip to Hong Kong DisneyLand

This post will be a story about my trip to Hong Kong Disney Land, and I will shares what I experienced.

Disneyland is the symbol of fairy tales and happiness where it is a place that kids love it so much with all the cute building that we had watch on disney channel since little, and yea I do enjoy the park and feels happiness like everyone else, and found my childhood in that day!

Now, straight to the point, I believes most of people likes wonderful things, and the Disneyland is just wonderful, I really recommend as the top attraction of Hong Kong.

Disney Train to the park

It is world-know that Hong Kong has a very convenient transport that you could go anywhere and to go to Disney land is to ride the MTR. As the Disneyland Hong Kong is located in a small island outside of Hong Kong, it takes a little while to reach but its a great experience with the Mickey train.

Since you got down from a certain station and heading into Disneyland, you will have to ride on the Disney Designed train, which the window is designed with Mickey Mouse, and the seat as well has the disney signature Mickey.

Toy Story Land

It was a lovely and sunny day when I was in the Park, so I could just enjoy myself in the park with the sunshine.

The park is divided into 7 main areas- the Adventureland, Fantasyland, MAinstreet USA, Mystic Point, Grizzly Gulch, Tomorrowland and Toy Story Land.

The most memorable park area to me is the Toy Story Land, I literally cried when playing a ride… it was so embarrassing.

So, it was a ride called Parachu Drop, it is a small landing ride where, the machine pull you up to the air and drop it, I am fear of height (I just wanna a have a try), and I literally got scared when it started going up to the air and then I started crying. LOL…

Oh forgot about one thing, before the ride start, there was a small show direct by the character of soldiers, and then they will pick to have the ride with the people, and I am so lucky that one soldier sat next to me, he is a great hero! He comfort me calmly and being chatty to distract my attention from height, although it doesn’t work…. but thank you so much Soldier HERO!

Now, click on the link below to watch an overview video of Toy Story Land! (Credits to Edepot Culture)

All of the areas has entertainment rides and there will be some character dolls photo sections, so you could take photos with Mickey, Minnie, Godfrey, Pooh and etc.


They are all free unless you want to pay for a profession taken one, it is also available.

In addition, there are many souvenirs shop that you can buy all the peripheral products of Disney!


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